What is Animal Testing?

Animal testing is the use of animals in scientific research to gain insight into the behavior, physiology, and anatomy of certain species. Research can be conducted both in the laboratory and in the field.

Animals are used to test safety and efficacy of products intended for human use, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices.

We think that animal testing is cruel and unnecessary. We believe that every living creature has the right to a life without pain and suffering, and that no animal should be subjected to needless cruelty in the name of research or profit.

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Facts and Figures on Animal Testing

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Building a Better World for Animals

Animals and people have a shared existence on Earth. They both depend upon the environment to survive and it is our responsibility to create a better world for both. Cruelty free is a term that refers to the ethical production of goods and services without the use of animal testing or exploitation.

The first step in building a better world for animals and people is to make sure that products and services are not tested on animals. Animal testing can be extremely cruel and inhumane, and it is not necessary to produce goods and services.

By embracing a cruelty free lifestyle, we can make a positive difference in the lives of animals and people by helping to create a better world for both.

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Cruelty Free Certifications

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Get Certified Cruelty-Free in 4 Easy Steps

1. Application

To start your certification process, you must first apply for your product. After your application, we will make a preliminary evaluation for your product and offer you an offer.

2. Pre - Assessment

Following the mutual agreement, the audit and control phase is started. After the necessary procedures and documents are completed, a comprehensive conformity assessment of the product begins.

3. Testing & Review

At the last stage, test results, analysis and control process are reviewed. If the conformity assessment for the relevant product is concluded positively, the document is prepared and delivered.

4. Certified & Logo Use

Congragulations! You have now joined a family of companies that proudly carries the world’s best-known and most widely accepted Cruelty-Free Mark.