About Us

At our company, we believe that animals have the right to live without harm or cruelty. We are a cruelty-free certification body, dedicated to promoting animal welfare and ending the cruel and outdated practice of animal testing.


Our certification seal is a symbol of trust, accountability, and transparency. When consumers see our seal on a product, they can be confident that it is cruelty-free and has not been tested on animals. Our certification process is rigorous and thorough, ensuring that companies meet our high standards for animal welfare and ethical practices.

We work with companies across a range of industries, including beauty, household, and personal care products. Our goal is to encourage companies to adopt cruelty-free practices and make the transition to a more ethical and sustainable production process.

We believe that every choice matters. By choosing cruelty-free certified products, consumers can make a positive impact on animal welfare and support companies that prioritize ethics and compassion. We are proud to be a part of this movement towards a kinder, more compassionate world for animals.

Join us in our mission to end animal testing and promote cruelty-free choices. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where animals are treated with the respect and compassion they deserve.